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Keeping me on my toes!

J. Dan

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Fun night. So I've filled in with this band many times before, but never is specific lineup. The lead singer being the limiting factor, he was making up the set list as we went, I went so far as to program a patch and learn a song during break that we ended up not doing. We DID do a couple songs I've never played before that I pulled out of my ass. Foreigner Double vision I remembered the synth and organ and had them set up before the set in a combi, intending to figure it out on the fly, once we were playing I remembered the brass and switched to program mode for that. So I made it through the song switching between program for brass and combi for organ and synth. The other was Rocky Mountain Way - luckily really easy to play. I set up wurly on top, piano on bottom, bass player told me the changes and I pretty much nailed it.


I really like these gigs. 5 min before each set, writing the setlist with sharpies. Playing with awesome musicians - the crowd has no idea. When it just comes together, as it always does, I just get filled with satisfaction,



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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It doesn't surprise me. As much programming/setups you do, you should be able to do it pretty much on the fly. On top of that, you probably know way more songs that you realize. On top of *that*, I bet there are similarities in the songs you don't know to the ones you do that you can pick up new ones pretty quickly.


Good on ya! :thu:

"I'm so crazy, I don't know this is impossible! Hoo hoo!" - Daffy Duck


"The good news is that once you start piano you never have to worry about getting laid again. More time to practice!" - MOI

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