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Low note priority on MS3?

Daniel Heslop

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I am currently playing in a group with a female singer, a drummer and me.

We do a pretty quirky set list with things like "I Feel the Earth Move" to "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" to "Miss Ceilie's Blues" to "feelin' alright".


Currently I am using a Korg Kross and a Yamaha reface CS. The CS is mostly being used as a midi controller in this scenerio with all sounds coming from the Kross.


A typical set up is for example, Piano on the Kross with a bass layer on the bottom 2 octaves, and an organ on the CS.

The bass is set to mono with low note priority so the piano and bass overlap, allowing me to sound like a two handed pianist and a bassist, and also when I play the organ with my RH I can still have bass and piano in my left.


I am not entirely thrilled with the Kross in this scenario so I am contemplating taking my mac mini, using an ipad as a monitor, and using Mainstage 3 either as my primary or at the very least having it as a back up for the Kross.


I want to do the same thing in MS 3 regarding the mono bass with low note priority, but I don't know how to set the fingerstyle bass to low note priority. I set it for mono but it appears to be last note priority.

I kind of hoped the floating split point might help here but it really doesn't.

The bass comes from EXS24.


Anyone know how to do this?

Stage: Korg Krome 88.

Home: Korg Kross 61, Yamaha reface CS, Korg SP250, Korg mono/poly Kawai ep 608, Korg m1, Yamaha KX-5


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Not a feature I have used and I cannot find the option to set low note priority anywhere in EXS24 or in other Logic synths.


I think you will need to find another mono synth or sampler that supports low note priority, Air's Expand!2 for example.



MainStage 3 | Axiom 61 2nd Gen | Pianoteq | B5 | XK3c | EV ZLX 12P

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Hi Shutoku,


I've written a midi script for this which allows you to choose hi (leading note) or low (bass) priority for monophonic.

The problem is, as far as I can determine, MS scripter does not support JavaScript time information - so for example - I would like to wait a few milliseconds before deciding which is the top/bottom note to allow all notes to be played.

Either way, if your still looking for this function, have a play around. Script is linked.


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