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Yamaha CP-4 issue: Switching from Performance back to Parts


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Hi guys,


Got an issue with my CP-4 which has just become apparent when I have splits/layers set up in Performances with octave changes (common with splits of course).


When I went to get back to just playing a single part and hit the bank change patches, say back to just piano, the keyboard 'remembers' the registrations and therefore totally messes the octave configuration on the keys.


Even switching between other parts and back again doesn't alter this. Is there a way to fix this other than transposing back up again or turning the CP-4 back on and off to reset?


This is very messy for gigging as I don't want to have EVERY song saved as a Performance...I want to be able to just switch between the factory sounds quite a lot where there's no splits/layers necessary.


Anyone came up against this and know a quick fix?

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On the CP4 you're always in a Performance ... there's no getting around that. There is no "voice mode".


When you turn on the unit you're in Performance #001 by default. If you select another voice without changing Performances, you're editing Performance #001 (and the little "E" shows in the display). The thing that's tricky is that some settings (e.g., Insertion Effects) come along with the newly selected voice, but other settings from the Performance remain unchanged (e.g., some but not all of the settings in "Edit > Play Mode", including NoteShft).


So if you're using a Performance with a bunch of custom settings and you select another voice without changing Performances, you're just editing that same Performance. The new voice will bring with it some settings, but other settings from that Performance will remain in effect, including NoteShft. The only way around that is to switch to another Performance that has the settings you want, or manually change the settings. Turning the CP4 off and back on simply returns you to Performance #001 in its stored form, but there's no need to power off/on to do that because you can accomplish the same thing by just reselecting Performance #001.


Hope that helps.





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