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OT: don't check the accidental insurance box from Amazon


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If it's from Smartguard/Warrantech.

I did and felt pretty good that I did since I dropped my PX-5S last month.

Since then, it's been hell trying to get my claim resolved. Every call ends with "you will be contacted within 1-2 days". They never call or email.

They lied and told me I would receive a replacement from 8th street music. I called 8th street - no order.

So I passed it on to Amazon and told them to deal with it.

I get a message today - "you will be contacted in 1-2 days".



Will follow up with more (depressing news) about the PX-5S and its ability to take a fall.

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I passed on the Smartguard/Warrantech offer when purchasing a new motherboard. I've burnt-out a couple of MB's and wanted to get a high quality one (X-99). Added it to my cart, but had to check on user reviews, first. Wow, really angry comments. You might try contacting Consumer Protection, if all else fails. I had a product claim issue with a company resolved in my favor, thanks to CP.
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