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OTish - Interview with Bryan Beller on "the business"


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There's a really fascinating interview with Bryan Beller (bassist with The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Dweezil and more) by Anil Prasad on Innerviews. There are lots of great things on running a band, publicity and some very good stuff on the "music business" vs. the "entertainment business". My favourite bit though are his final thoughts:


If something isnt working or isnt being well-received, try something else. If that doesnt work, try something else. And again. And again. And again. Dont get hung up on whether or not Spotify is ruining your chances of being a professional musician or if Facebook is tipping the scales of its news feed to this or that, or if your YouTube hits arent as numerous as the next persons, or any particular macro trend of the day. Thats a way of transferring the cause in the matter to something outside your immediate ability to affect it. Make the best music you can, put it out there, and take what you get. The rest is noise.


Might get that framed.

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Excellent point. A good way to say, "quit yer whining, and get to work!" :)

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