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Vocal Mic

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Hi, I'm looking for a rich, warm, smooth mic mostly for male vocals. I'm looking at the TLM 103, NTK, PS T3 and the Solid Tube. Which one do you like? I already have an NT2 so I don't see the point in buying the C1. I need an upgrade (althgough I've read the C1 sounds like a U87). Any suggestions would be welcome!




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The 103's are very warm, infact IMHO too much so if you're not careful with it.


We get excellent results with the NTK on vocals. Placed so the singer is not reaching up for it,(which restricts airflow and reduces the body's natural low end resonance) but rather singing over it, it is very warm and rich sounding.

Hope this is helpful.


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The NTK or the TLM 103 should be pretty good for you. I use an AT4060 and a Lawson L251, and both those (especially the latter) will give you rich, smooth vocals. But alas, they are more than those two mics - especially the Lawson. How did I ever afford that Lawson? Because I won it on a drawing at AES...I am *lucky* *lucky* *lucky*....
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It depends a little on the singer. This is very timely as I was working with a singer last week on some of these exact micrphones. The TLM103 we found a little sterile sounding for his voice compared to the NT2 which was a little warmer and smoother. The Studio Projects C-3 is closer to the older U87 than the C-1 even was, because it has a little more warmth and depth. The M149 is a great Tube mic, but his voice just wasn't coming out right. We will be trying a T-3 this week, and also trying some differnt Mic pre-amps. I currently am using a Behringer Pro Tube preamp. I know they get a lot of bad rap, but I have a studio full of Behringer gear for nearly 4 years without a single failure. Sure I could buy Prosonus, Avalon, JoeMeek etc... but then I'd have to raise my rates so high I'd have no customers.


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