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OT: Your Funniest Band Memories


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Along with the drama are also some very humorous memories, I bet.


I will start.


Band meeting at a fancy Italian restaurant. This was shortly before the J.B./S.N. firing incident.


We all arrived on time except for S.N. He had a job interview and would join us later. This was actually a meeting to discuss music we were going to write and play.


To my left is J.B. To my right is guitar ex. Across from J.B. is his girl-friend at that time.


S.N. arrives and begins walking towards our table. There is a man playing violin making the rounds and happens to be just behind us as S.N. seats himself across from me.


S.N.'s suit is a bit baggy (I would find out later that he borrowed his boy-friend's suit since he did not have anything appropriate for the interview).


J.B. looks up and says loudly laughing, "Look at the shmoo in the suit!"


He was directing it at S.N., but the violinist thought he was the target of the comment and harumphed and moved away, never to be seen near our table again.


Fast forward to partly through the meal. S.N. is apparently not used to fine dining as will be evidenced by what I am going to tell you in a moment. He excuses himself to the mens room.


He comes back quite some time later looking a little ill.


I lean across the table as he seats himself and ask him if he is okay.


He whispers, (and I quote exactly), "Don't eat the big pink mints."


You can imagine my shock when the movie "Home" came out and a similar line was used in that, but nope, S.N. did it first. Perhaps S.N. was part Boov?




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