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Key Action Similiar to Roland EP-9


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Didn't want to hi-jack another thread going on concerning key action, so thought I would post here.


I would like to know if anyone can point me toward a newer model digital piano with key action such as that found on the older Roland EP-9 digital piano.


I'm thinking of purchasing the Kurzweil Artis 7 or possibly another 76 key keyboard and would like to find one with action like that on the EP-9.


The EP-9 is very playable (for me at least), and I could live with it as long as the piano itself has decent sound.


I currently own a Casio PX-5 that I use at my church but need an additional keyboard for my gigging band, and I would prefer the lighter key action.


I have an EP-9 in my basement and have gotten quite fond of the action. The board has some issues that prevents me from gigging with it, and I would prefer an upgrade as well.


I'm about 300+ miles from any music store, so most of my purchases are a gamble..:)


Any help is appreciated.

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The EP9 was really light weighted right?. Almost like a firm chunky semi weighted synth action, no? Maybe you'd like the TP-40L on a Kurzweil PC3LE 8. Very fast, great for switching from piano to organ, synth then back. I think you'd love how it sounds and feels... Upgrade from an EP9 would be an understatement.




I'm not the seller so you're on your own, but here's one for $900 that looks real clean. https://reverb.com/item/2554018-kurzweil-pc3le8-keyboard



Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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