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EastWest Play 5 Announced

Geoff Grace

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The announcement was made in an email release yesterday. More details are included in a thread in EastWest's forums. Here's a quote from the thread that shares some highlights:


PLAY 5 is not the version that will be released next year, that is being coded by Wolfgang Kundrus (Cubase/Nuendo/Studio One) from the ground up using the very latest technology; however PLAY 5 is a major performance upgrade and our fastest PLAY version to date.


The SSL/EW FX Global Suite is now included for free to all PLAY 5 users for all products! This collection of professional audio processing tools includes a Filter, EQ, Compressor, Gate/Expander, Transient Shaper and Stereo Buss Compressor. Also included in this free upgrade are an additional 726 Reverb Impulses for the EW Convolution Reverb.


Power users in particular will appreciate the special optimization settings for SSDs and PCIe-based flash storage.


We are in final testing and hope for a release next week.


Note: PLAY 5 will no longer support 32-bit, those users should continue using PLAY 4.





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Thanks for the link! :) ...I'm glad to hear that EW is updating/upgrading PLAY 4.x to PLAY 5.


I'm particularly interested in the optimizations (mentioned in the forum link) for SSDs (and PCIe-based storage) as my current laptop (live rig) use SSDs.

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Although the talk at vi-control.net indicates that Play 5 isn't what Play Pro was going to be, the inclusion of the SSL suite is welcome and timely, as I was just about to buy it. :-)

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