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Jim Alfredson with Orgasissimo


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Unbelievable free Show last night at McAninch Arts Center Glen Ellyn, Il. The XK5 along with a 3300 Leslie was completely awesome. The cleanest Hammond I have ever heard, simply marvelous. Along with the trio, we were treated to Fareed Haque on Guitar and Brian Charette on the SK2. First set was Beatles centric and outstanding. The highlight of the Beatles set was Can't Buy Me Love with extended soloing and Mr. Alfredson was simply astounding in this piece.


The second set introduced Brian Charette and Fareed Haque. The quintet was also magnificent. A highlight was a heavily improvised Isn't She Lovely. The final encore was a clinic in Jam session. I did not recognize the tune, seemed to be in a minor key. At times when Fareed was soloing, I closed my eyes and thought I was at a Grateful Dead concert, he sounded like Garcia on steroids ( or other performance enhancing substances).


This show also demonstrated that it is not the engine that drives the Hammond. Both gents played the SK2 and the SK5 at different times. Brian Charette sounded very good on the SK2 but when he got behind the SK5 he was a completely different and fantastic player as well. I was not familiar with Mr. Charette but highly recommend checking him out.


I can go on and on... The Organissmo Beatles CD was unfortunately not available yet, but that is a must buy...



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