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DVD Movie Sound Screwy

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I watched Pirates of the Caribbean the other night and noticed that the music was mixed way too high such that it effectively drowned out the dialog. I rented the Secret Lives of Dentists and ran into the same problem. I had to end up watching the former with subtitles in order to understand what the hell was going on. In both cases I had all the sound settings normal and wasn't using any of that surround sound stuff.


Anyone have any insight into why the music was SO LOUD?

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Check the polarity on your speaker cables, component cables, everything. My new TV even lets me change the polarity (some call it phase) of the internal speakers. My guess is that you've partially cancelled out the center signal. I bet everything sounds kind of mono too.


By the way, The Secret Lives of Dentists?!? If that's the kind of movie it sounds like, don't worry. There isn't any dialog.

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