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a free studio sheesh!

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Did anyone catch the show extreme home make-over?


its a show where one "deserving family" not sure how they arrive at it, gets thier whole house re-done.


anyway aside from a killer house they turned the garage into a studio, and i mean for real.

control room, 24 tracks, plus mics, git-fiddles and a drum set. even did acoutics (although not all that great)

man what number do i dial to get on that show...



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Though I didnt see the show (DAMMIT)

I did want to see it,


But yeah I asked myself the same damn question, but what luck I might have if they tear down my place and then make a suana for my wife where my studio use to be.... (harboring the though)


oh forget it

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I saw it too... Looked like a 02R/96 couldn't tell the monitors, might of been the new Events.. Even a PA system for the live room.. I'm sure it wasn't sound proofed but hey a good $20K in there I'm sure...

Hmmm wonder if they do Canadian families? We could fit that bill easily... More on that later.. :D

Smile if you're not wearin panties.
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