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New Job - teaching kids, very rewarding

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Hi people :wave: Just thought I'd fill you in on the latest happenings in my life.


I recently started working for the local arts association. We visit schools in the region in our DAW equipped bus and give kids a chance to learn some skills for free. We're using Cubase SX & Reason. I can't imagine how much I'd love it if I'd had this sort of thing when I was at school!


My job is to teach them something new and get them going for each session, then basically supervise them. The kids are mostly aged 15-16 and as it's an after school activity I dont really have to worry about any trouble makers - everyone taking part is doing so 'coz they want to.


I can't believe how satisfying this job is. On Friday we had an open day for disabled kids in the region. It was incredible to see how much they enjoyed themselves. I noticed the more severely handicapped kids were the ones who worked hardest and got the most out of the session.


At the moment it's not many hours but it's very well paid. I estimated that if I was working full time hours I'd be making more than my Dad, and I'm just 22.


This of course affects my next return to the US. I WILL be back, just not so soon this time. Last time maybe I came back too soon. I worked a lot of hours in meaningless jobs and didnt spend anywhere near enough time on music. This time round I've worked less and therefore have less money, but I'll be in a better position musically when I do eventually return.


John Scotsman

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Hello John.


Sounds fantastic!


I believe we met at an SSS get-together outside of DC.


As you may recall, I run an organization engaged in modernizing music education, and we are putting together a program similar to what you describe.


I'd love to hear more about your experiences and, if / when you hop back to this side of the pond and were interested in continuing this type of work, it would be wonderful to have you participate here.


please let me know if this would interest you, and we can share contact info (I seem to recall that during the get-together you left before me, and I don't remember if we swapped info).




The Lurker

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Neil - believe me I'd take any excuse to allow me to visit Southeastern USA. If it wasnt for that elusive Visa!


Willie - we have a resident guitar on the bus and the kids areencouraged to bring on their own instruments. We can only go direct at the moment though and I've seen no four stringers yet, maybe tomorrow.


Hi Lurker :wave: how ya doing!? Yep we did meet then & there and I do remember you talking about an education program. I'm positive I didn't leave before you though, infact I'm sure I was among the last to leave the pub! Anyway, I would be VERY interested in working in a similar vein in the US. I wonder what the logistics of that would be though. It's hard enough for me to get a Visa to work in the US and I had to go through police background checks here to see that I was clear to work with kids.


We didnt swap details at the get-together, but please keep in touch: flyscots@yahoo.com

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Sound great!!! I also teach as my main source of income (sp. ed., so very different from what you're doing!). Congrats! It's totally rewarding. I hope you're doing well, John!
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Totally cool, Fly!


How many people look back to that 'defining moment' when they were a kid and somebody showed them something that changed their world. I think we can all think of something or someone that made a big difference. Good for you, man....you're out there making a difference!


Getting some decent bucks doing it too. Imagine that, making money doing what you love.... What's this world coming too?


Two thumbs up!


Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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Ya I've been involved in the same thing, I get the kids here at the high school I work at to stick around after hrs and I talk about what I'm able to do... To a lot of them it's not a big deal but I usually get 2-3 kids that are into it!! So I've asked the teacher to streamline the kids a bit... Maybe the ones that are considering a future in music.. Part of that is hoping I'll get some buisness from the word of mouth.. I found it hard with 20+ looking back at me with that "I don't want to be here" look.. I keep remembering myself at that age... Damn I would of been in heaven.. And would of saved a few years of pulling my hair out! :cool:
Smile if you're not wearin panties.
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Hi John,


I wrote out a long detailed response, but when I clicked "preview post," the SSS sight froze up (I was still able to access other sites, but not SSS). Maybe it was a sign that I should keep my answers brief.


Briefly, logistics probably boil down to where you are and where we are at the time that you might wish to participate, and there's all sorts of ways to participate.


I'll email you with more specific info and a link to our site, and by all means let's keep in touch. Aside from your potential participation in any of our programs, I would be genuinely be interested in your thoughts and insights.




The Lurker

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