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Poll: Is Super 8 an idiot???? {Warning this Poll requires a 'yes' answer!}

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Please disregard this stupid thing. It was late. I was drunk. :freak:


Have you been monogamous with your spouse, or have you been runnin around?


No need to identify yourself, just take the anonymous poll.


You know what they say about musicians....We just have too much opportunity and too little self-control.


This is true isn't it. Isn't it?


Let's find out.

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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I tried to take / answer your poll, but I'm not going to answer question #3 either - it's like one of those "Yes or no - have you stopped doing drugs?" type questions... the answer is "wrong" either way you respond.


In short, yes, I've been faithful to my wife. No, Ive never cheated on her.


Fix question #3 and I'll respond to the poll. :wave:

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