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Looking for a really small Rompler/Pad synth


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I'm looking for a little rompler/synth that can sit on top of my Nord Electro 4 D. I'm getting back into playing keys live again but I really want to downsize my Rig. It's sort of what me stop playing live in the first place - tiny stages, no set up time. My old rig was the Nord, Mox 6 and a Korg r3 on an Ultimate Support stand. Way too much stuff. I literally want something small enough to velcro to the top of my Nord - use one 'X' stand - and that's it.


I'd like a little rompler that does really good pads and ambience - mini Keys are ok. I tried the Roland JDxi - something that size would be fine. The JDx1 was good - it had some workable pads, but was primarily an analog synth - does anything out there like that exist? It doesn't have to be cutting edge technology.

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Best of breed IMO is the Virus TI Polar. May be you could find a used Indigo.


Novation UltraNova or MicroNova might be good.


I do some neat stuff with the Gaia but I don't like the presets.

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First thing that came to mind was a Korg Microstation. The technology is over five years old, it has mini keys (but 61 of 'em), but it might be too long to fit squarely on top of the Nord. However it is a monster rompler powerhouse in a pretty compact package.
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Korg Micro-X, Microstation, Microkorg, JD-Xi (if you don't like the presets, go in and tweak/create new. It's hard on the tiny screen, I know.)

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