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Modal 008. 8 Voice, 16 VCO & sub-osc


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The Modal 002 is $5200. As expected - and is likely, getting what we want is expensive. It seems to have everything we'd want in a VCO poly. Including stereo inputs. 5 octaves, 2 sub-osc per 2 osc voice, filter flavors, 2 LFO's, lots of modulation, sequencer, fast env, options for discrete outs. I'm wary about the internet integration; but, surely it'd just be convenient, and not an issue. Hopefully you can turn the "internet" off. Got the ES2-Andromeda A6 functional clusters, rather than visually aligned knob approach. Seems Alesis was just a bit too quick to the punch.


gas is over. just needed to get that out, as i've been hoping to get a keyboardist's knobby poly "a few years down the line", for years. Glad Dave Smith does what he does. Glad that this thing will exist. And in a few years, a Moog poly will only further tantalize.

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