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Kawai CA-500 or Technics sxPX7


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Hello all. My mother sold her '18 Mason & Hamlin grand and her '24 Steinway reproducing Duo-Art player and bought these two digital pianos about 20 years or so ago... When she passed I got them. I don't actually play piano and they are taking up a lot of room in my garage. Is anyone familiar with them? I want to take one of them to my band's rehearsal room in the hopes someone will sit in someday on piano with us. Which of them is the one to keep? Thanks in advance for any info.
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Welcome to the forum. The Technics is about a decade older design than the Kawai, and is listed as a synthesizer. Also, Technics is no longer in business. I didn't find any YT videos with the Technics, but did with the Kawai.

If both are working, I'd keep the Kawai of the two.

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