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Kronos assigning audio outputs by engine.


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Reading the manual. It says I can freely assign outputs. Most everything will route to the main Left and Right output. I am not seeing much details. I will need to assign the click to one aux output.


Can I assign the CX-3 engine to always go to an assigned aux output or does this have to be done for every combi? Thanks.


PS the reason I ask is my keys hook to my rack bag with a 6 channel fan to fan snake. I am ditching one synth leaving two snake channel free. In my rack a Vent hooked up to channel 8 on my mixer I use in my 10 piece gig. . Thought would just route the CX 3 to the vent plus a switch.



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You can't do a default by engine, you assign it per patch, combi, or sequence. It's done in the IFX assignment tab.


Also note: if you don't want to have to submix externally, you can route the Vent outputs back into the Kronos and apply any other IFX and/or MFX you want and mix it back in to the main outs. Kronos inputs can be set to a default routing globally.



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