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String Libraries�

Adam Burgess

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Hey everyone.


OK, grabbed a Casio PX5 a few weeks ago. As my main gig is a residency 5 nights a week, I'd rather leave my Nord/Kronos rig there, all set up and use the Casio for one-offs out of town or weddings/brunches etc.


Really like it, in general. Feels great, weight is nice, looks nice under lights, pianos (A+E) are fine, clav is cool, bit of a pig to program compared to both my Nord and the Kronos, but do-able. The editor is nice and simple. Better than the AX-Synth one!


For grins, I put it thru Mainstage (never really used it) just to try some better organ noises. Works great. Another thing I would like is to improve the strings. The strings work ok as a pad but not too happy doing a lead part.


Orchestral stuff is not bad to sequence with Logic's built in stuff, but the attacks all seem really slow. If they were on the beat I could dial back the attack if I needed a slower thing, but I can't.


Obviously, sequencing, you can pull them right back, time-wise. Live? I wanna be in charge of where the note starts ;-)


Sorry for the essay!


Any recommendations for a Mac VST I could grab for more 'pop' strings? I wish I had the Korg's strings in there. I suppose I could spend a day or two sampling them, but wondered what others are using...


Thanks, Adam.


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Have you tried any of the strings available for download at CasioMusicForums.com ?

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You might also check some of the gig-ready patches made and sold by Dave Weiser. Others have reported that they are well worth the small cost.

I don't have a Casio. I do have MainStage on the Mini, but so far haven't connected it to a keyboard. I've been using the iPad with a number of different apps for a sound source.

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