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live sound levels - background tracks

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this seems as good a place as any to pose this question, so...i'm putting together a 2 man live 60's review show, with vocals & guitars, but using midi sequences as background tracks. after a little thought, i realized i could make the midi tracks much better by producing them and premixing them, and adding the 4 part harmonies that most of those songs need. so i'm mastering the final wave files in sound forge by normalizing each song to the same levels, etc. but my question is, while the songs from track to track are mastered appropriately, is it going to matter that maybe on song #1 the bass is in the mix at -1 db but in song #5 maybe it sounds much more prominent...same with the drums & especially the BGV trax. i play in a 5 piece band right now & the mentality has always been "set it & forget it" as far as the mix goes. but with the instruments' volume fluctuating from song to song - does anyone think this would be distracting to the audience, and if so, are there any good solutions??? thanks!
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It's hard to tell without actualy hearing the music you use, but in general I don't see a problem. Try recording a rehearsel , or have someone present. If the tracks would have worked fine on a cd (with the vol. change) it should work fine playing live. HTH Dannty

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