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Anyone know what it's worth? Serial #1 Dano


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I have no plans to sell this, btw.


Danelectro Innuendo Serial Number #1


Original strings, I think it's about 15 years old or so. Original hang-tags (stating serial number as well). No wear. Finish flaw on back, though i only noticed it recently. Seems as if the paint is starting to pit. Black paint.


I was managing a music store back then and we had recently picked up the Dano line. Our phone-rep had told me about this new model, so I ordered the usual dozen. This one arrived with the bunch. I noticed the serial number and immediately bought the guitar with permission from the store's owner. It has since hung on a hook in my studio.


I figure a good clean one should fetch about $300. But what about this one? Any idea? I'd like to insure it, possibly. Thank in advance, guys.


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That question would require the advice of someone who appraises regularly methinks-the market value for a particular guitar can change.

I`m surprised there isn`t some kind of `blue book`, that you can look up the average selling price of certain vintage guitars and get at least a ballpark figure-in fact I remember a discussion about it a long time ago but no details.

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It's a used or unsold-new-stock Asian-made, designed-by-committee-to-a-price-point budget guitar, worth whatever someone will pay for it- probably well under $300 US, more if you're lucky (what did they go for new? Around $270?). I can't imagine it being any kind of even moderately valuable "collector's item"/"vintage" instrument, in spite of the serial number- and it's not even a "real" Danelectro model. Visually, it's a cheap and cheesy rip-off of a Mosrite, stealing pickups and bridge from a Fender Strat- throwing in some mediocre built-in effects (digital?)- with the bought-and-paid for Danelectro name slapped on it. Not a remarkable guitar in any way.

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