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OT:Aluminum Clipboard/Document Holder: My New Favorite Thing


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I am really digging my aluminum clipboard / storage box. I got the "legal" size, so it's a little bigger than the "letter" size. It holds my iPad, CCK, USB cable and drives, phone, flashlight, Swiss Army Knife, tape, note pad, adapters, pens.. all that small (but important) stuff that takes me forever to find in my bag or I tend to lose. The clip board is handy for show notes, set lists or charts.


Not sure how many of you use one of these, but it has made my life easier - so I thought I'd share for those who could use something like this. You can get them just about anywhere.. I've seen them at big box office stores and warehouse stores like Sam's / Costco, Amazon, etc.



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Every plumber, electrician, furnace repair and construction estimator in the world has one of those. They seem indestructable and ridiculously useful.


And cops. :) I got it a while back (when I started that other thread) and realized recently how much I use it. For real simple events where I just need a keyboard and PA, I don't even need to bring a bag. Plus you can put stickers on it. Highly recommended. :)

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