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Dean Markley Amps?


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I had a couple of different models, back in the early 90's. Nothing special - mostly affordable, low-to-medium wattage SS amps. The switches and jacks were prone to wear out sooner than you'd expect. If I saw one cheap, I'd smile and wish it luck, but I'd rather spend the money on an Overdrive pedal. Didn't hate them, let's just say I was unimpressed. If I were looking for a late 80's/early 90's SS amp, I'd stick with Peavey and Fender.

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...unimpressed. If I were looking for a late 80's/early 90's SS amp, I'd stick with Peavey and Fender.


Agreed, though I'd recommend that era's SS Fenders hands-down vs that of Peavey's; I fixed a few of those ('80s/'90s SS Peaveys), and the absolutely SHITTY quality inside and UNdepedability were APPALLING, to say the least, not to mention their tone. The SS "red/grey knob" Fenders were alright for what they were; I enjoyed my Deluxe 85 quite a bit, particularly for bluesy stuff with lots of reverb.


But, yeah, the Dean Markleys were underwhelming and a little disappointing and didn't live up to their ad-hype.

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Along with every other piece of gear EVER made (or at least name brand of gear ever made) they're re-issued, and there's some all tube models, now... but I think they had some tube models before... I think I knew someone with one in the mid-80s and it was a tube amp. I could be wrong, though...


and apparently it's the same company as Ultrasound, who make acoustic amps some people rave about.



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Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers and a host of other distinguished artists played these legendary CD SERIES All-Tube amps. Designed and built by Dean Markley Electronics (circa 1985). Were reissuing two of those popular modelsthe CD30 & CD60. Crank one up! You and your music will never be the same.


They had great art direction and photography going for them, if nothing else.





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