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Been recording my first ever pro full length this weekend...


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... and I've been having the most awesome time using the most beautiful instruments I've ever played on in an awesome studio (University of Northern Colorado's). Yesterday I got to go to church playing on a Late 40s (iirc) B2 with Trek II percussion, running it (usually) through the most perfectly dark and dirty 147 and ALSO (occasionally) through a single speed, which was fun getting the hang of throughout the recording of a couple tracks. However, I'm not liking the halfmoon switches, I'm used to playing both hands on the same manual almost all the time and doing the leslie with my foot switch through my Nord, so losing a hand to Leslie control (which is more important for the expressiveness than bigger chords) has been weird.


There's also a beautiful 9 foot (I think) Yamaha Grand, which I've had a fun time playing on a bit in between takes and stuff, but haven't gotten to recording on yet. Tomorrow's our last day, and I'll be doing all of the piano tracks overdubbed, as we tracked the rest of the album live in the room with amps. On mentioning that, I've been putting my Rhodes through a Fender Deville, and it sounds perfect. I actually had to do emergency surgery the night before we went into the studio as one of my pickup wire connections went faulty, that was scary.


The process so far has been a crazy mix of live takes to click track for backbones and rhythms while overdubbing solos, some songs we've run straight through without click if they've had a ton of tempo changes, some we've done all of the tempo changes to the click... sometimes we had the drums go by themselves first, sometimes drums and bass... its been weird, our music has so many changes that each song is an adventure figuring out exactly how we'll piece it all together. For 4 days on 9 intricate instrumental tracks though, I think we've done an amazing job and I can't wait to hear the final result. Excitingly we've gotten some of the top names in our scene to sit in on the album too, so we're hoping for some satellite radio play (Sirius/XM JamOn) when all is said and done too.


Its been quite a rush, sorry if any of the above's a bit incomprehensible, my brains fried from the amount of work we've done (and nothing else!).



EDIT: Here's a picture of the place!


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I've run into the same difficulty in the studio with the half-moon switch. I do have an A100 at home, but I gig on the Electro and I really am accustomed to having foot control.


On my last album there were a couple moments when I didn't want to give it up. At one point I got the bandleader to work the switch when I nodded :) (it was an overdubbed part)

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