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Pickup Problem


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I did a cheap Les Paul build for $150, and it turned out great, except for the pickups. When I plugged it in, only the neck pickup was working. So I opened it up again and checked. No loose wires, and everything was correct, I jiggled the wires just in case. I also checked the output and the selector switch. No problems. So I plugged it back in for a test. Both pickups worked. I played for a couple minutes in the middle position, and then the neck went out. Only the bridge would play... Every time I plug it back in, it switches off between which one works. It seems as though only one works at a time. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks.
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I had a problem with the 3way selector switch on a brand new Taylor T3. When I first fired up it didn't work until I toggled it a few times (sometimes it worked without any toggling) Took it in and the tech said he couldn't fix it under warranty as he couldn't duplicate the problem and it was working. I told him just replace the switch and I'll pay for it as the problem is intermittent but I know it's the switch. I called Taylor just to report the problem and they paid 1/2 the cost. Haven't had a problem since...my guess is, it could still be the 3way.
Take care, Larryz
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