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Digitally Imported (di.fm)

Michael W

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Anyone else listening to any of the Digitally Imported channels? I've been listening to the "Chillout" station non-stop for a while now and am really impressed with the quality of music they play. Lots of the selections are pretty "active" for chillout, which is just fine with me.


There are some very talented composers out there, making decent stuff that isn't ridiculously over-repetitive. Very interesting and musical compositions that are mostly made with synths and samplers. I like it, and a lot of it inspires me to play and compose myself.


So far I've been listening for free, as the quality is fine - I am streaming my iPad into portable JBL speakers using bluetooth. And there aren't a lot of commercials, either.



Montage 8, Logic Pro X, Omnisphere, Diva, Zebra 2, etc.



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I've been listening to di.fm for a while now on my android phone

. Free version, I don't mind the interruptions.


My fav channel is chillout, too!


I kind of fell in love with this style of music thanks to this radio station!

Stage: MOX6, V-machine, and Roland AX7

Rolls PM351 for IEMs.

Home/recording: Roland FP4, a few guitars


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