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Monitor setup arrangement in small practice space

J. Dan

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Curious of some of your thoughts/suggestions/experience.


Basically the problem is that it's a small space and we all sort of set up in a circle around the room facing center. There are 2 speakers...one behind the drummer in on corner, and one right next to my freakin right ear in the adjacent corner. Both angle in to face the bass player/singer in the middle of the wall opposite of the wall whose corner contains the speakers. Directly between the speakers is one guitarist/keyboardist, and next to me...the corner opposite the drummer, is the other guitar.


Factoring doors and other dimensions, there seems to be no good way to set up. I don't run the keys through fthe speakers, i use my K10 net to me. But the guitar player 6 feet away from me runs direct through the speaker 12" from my head, as do all the vocals. Bass ampis on the opposite wall from me, next to drums. Usually can't hear the guitar amp 3' to my left because of the guitar in the speaker 12" to my right. It frustrates me enough to be distracting during practice.


Just curious if others have found any innovative ways to overcome these issues. My initial thought is to try to just pack us into one end of the room facing the same way, with the speakers at the other end facing us. Another thought would be to take them off the tripods and put them on the floor as wedges in the middle of the room...but can't imagine getting 360 deg coverage without weird anomallies.



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Hello. In my rehearsal room/studio the PA speakers are set up in one column in one corner. There is no need for stereo spreading of the speakers in that small space. The PA runs in stereo, but the speakers are in one spot. We can run the PA louder with less feedback.


I hate having the guitarist speakers behind my head. I refuse to do set up that way - any guitarist in the room needs to have their speakers in front of the imaginary line that runs through my ears - or else I go home.

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