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kawai es100 some questions for kawai james


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James,I am currently playing/gigging with an es4. Is the es100 a step up/improvement over, the es4? Definitely is lighter, (33lbs. vs. 49lbs. of the newer/current es7) and still has built-in speakers. Major question is, (because of the lack of line outs) can the both (or one)of the headphone jacks be used, LIKE line outs, to go into a keyboard amp/powered speaker/pa system, etc., with no problems/sound degradation, etc? Also, what is that 3rd sensor (on the es7, and yamaha cp4)all about? Does it make that big a difference in most gigging situations? Thanks for reading.
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agitato, sorry for the delayed response...I missed your query initially.


In terms of action, the ES4 and ES100 both use the AHA IV keybed. The ES100 action is the AHA IV-F, while the ES4 is a slightly older version. For the most part, however, they are the same.


In terms of sound, the ES100 features 88-key piano sampling and superior reverb.


The headphone output can indeed be used as a pseudo line-out, and should be clean. There's also an option to maintain the speaker output while the headphone jacks are connected, allowing the onboard speakers to be used as monitors.


The third sensor on modern boards such as the ES7 and CP4 is useful for improving repetition speed and smoothness. There's quite a nice explanation (with audio examples) on the VPC website:




(scroll down to the action explanation, then click 'Triple-sensor')


I hope this helps!






ps. I'll add this thread to my 'watch list', so should be notified automatically if you post any follow-up queries.

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