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Steely Dan " Janie Runaway" / Chords on Bridge?


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I have been trying to learn this tune (Janie Runaway), and it's driving me nuts.... as if I weren't already.


Leave it to Donald Fagen though to create some interesting chord progressions. Who else has been as consistent in doing this? He probably could have retired a long time ago.


I guess I have to confess a lack of patience for being able to pick out the bass note. If that's Tom Barney on there he has a knack for having a very punchy sound, but it's also a lot like James Jamerson in it's lack of sustain.


Maybe someone out there has the Two Against Nature book, or has a better ear than I do. Or has suggestions on how to hear this better.


I am just trying to offer an alternative to " Mustang Sally" on some of my gigs.


The bridge is eight bars. Has anyone else out there tackled this?

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Janie Runaway


Verse in Key of C




|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)| 1:51 - 1:59


|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)|F#7(add 2)| 2:00 - 2:08


|F7|F7|F7|F7| 2:09 - 2:18


|G7|G7| 2:18 - 2:22


| (sax riff notes C# A D) | 8 COUNTS 2:22 - 2:27


| D | 2 COUNTS 2:27 - 2:28


| C | 4 COUNTS 2:28 - 2:31


| C | 2 COUNTS 2:31 - 2:32


| F | 4 COUNTS 2:32 - 2:34


| C | 4 COUNTS 2:34 - 2:37






I'm not a music major. This is what I've got so far...


The verse is in the key of C.


I am using timings from the recording.


F#7 (add 2) is their mu major chord, I believe.


F7 (add 2), is their mu major chord.


G7 chord - The bass line hits a G note on one, but seems to go back to the F7 bass line, I believe. Not sure about this.


The sax riff at 2:22 are notes C# A D (hold a D chord).








"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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Thank you so far for the input.


I don't know if I agree that the bridge has F#7 going all the way through it though.


I agree with BRW in that thge bridge does begin the Eb7, and it goes for 3 bars.


The 4th bar sounds like it could be F#mi ( voiced C# -E-F#-A ) but somehow the E bass note doesn't seem to supply enough tension. When I play an A bass with this chord ( makes it an A6) it sounds more dramatic ( Eb to A is a b5 "devil's interval") but then again, it doesn't sit in the bass line.


Any more input?

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