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Flexible Sequencing


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I've recently been reharming some pop tunes with a drummer friend of mine. We'll eventually involve a bass player, but for now it's just the two of us so I've been laying down bass parts in Logic so we can work out arrangements while playing (piano/drums).


My question: I'd like to be able to do this as flexibly as is possible. For example, a song has sections A, B, and C. It would be great, while playing over the sequenced track, to loop A for as long we like, switch to B, and kick in C whenever it feels right. Sequencing a song from beginning to end obviously doesn't afford this.


What do folks usually use for such? I'm not aware of a way to do this in Logic. Is this the kind of thing people look to Ableton Live for?

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Is this the kind of thing people look to Ableton Live for?
I believe so. In fact, I'm of the understanding that is one of the original purposes of it.


Caveat: I've never used Live so I can't say for sure. This is just based upon what I've seen/heard/read.


Check it out - there's a free 30-day trial at their site, so you can find out for yourself. Also, that video on the page might help.



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Yep Ableton will do this, whats more you can trigger different sections from an assigned key on your keyboard (either qwerty or musical) or on any type of controller. Check out Akai APC20 or 40, it works nicely. I used to trigger sections of songs live from a cheap M audio 2 octave keyboard via USB into a laptop.


For the same idea in hardware an Akai MPC will be your man.


You could also look an NI Maschine.


There are other products, hardware, software and hybrid which will all do this. In the era of pattern based music your spoilt for choice for this kind of thing.

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