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Keybed used on Korg M3-73?


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I did do a search on this topic here but came up short.


Does anyone know what keybed Korg put into the 61/73 key M3?


I owned the Triton Extreme 76, and liked that action, but I have since moved to a Kronos 61 and I find that A) I don't get that same connection with the sounds playing the Kronos as I did with Triton series. B) I really miss the extra keys.


I have been playing various 76 key synths for at least 15 years now, but my only synth action option with the Kronos was 61 keys so I tried it but want to move back to 73/76 synth key action.


So back to my original question, What keybed did Korg use on the M3?


Is it the same Yamaha keybed that they used in my old Triton Extrme 76

minus the 3 keys. Or did they go with something different?







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From everything I've read, the 61/73 M3 has the same action as the Kronos 61.



I do find the Kronos action Ok, but I don't care for the black key feel, they seem like they are shorter than the Triton EX 76 I had.


And I find the playability of sounds within the Kronos lacking. It's funny, I have a Motif XS rack that I push with the Kronos and sounds from that module just seem to breath better and respond more naturally.

Not hating the Kronos, but not enjoying it fully either.







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