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(sorta OT?)does a site with this functionality exist?


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wouldn't it be really convenient if there was a site out there that would basically allow you to take a simple image of a piano keyboard, highlight the notes you want, and then send THAT page with the chord highlighted to someone else via a link? Or even taking it farther, save a few chords or notes in succession to send someone a chord progression or melody. Perhaps above it you could also have a staff showing the notes too, to make it even more complete. the main idea of this is for quick simplicity, not to score out whole pieces. say, for example, I was talking to a buddy and wanted to send him a quick chord progression I was working on... I could type out the chord names/symbols, but that leaves a lot up to interpretation, I could type the note names out on the computer (most common way of doing this) which is pretty simple, but its just so ugly and non-musical... The key here is avoiding external score software or doing it by hand and scanning in the image. I just wanna click on some notes, press 'share' and send the link along.


If a site like this already exists, well then darn it, I'm bad at google, and I'm gonna use it all the time, but to my knowledge there's nothing quite like it.

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Don't know of a site but I understand what you're after.


My piano students bring their smartphones to lessons - handy for short video clips of stuff.


They're only there for a half hour lesson - taking a video clip is quicker than notating it for them - and sometimes the notation won't easily convey some nuance or rhythm which is really easy to grasp in a 15 sec video clip.


Could you get a little stand for your smartphone and text a short video clip?


I don't need a stand - they're holding their smartphones while I'm playing/talking it through - you'll need one for ease if you're on your own.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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