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Mapping Voices from Roland FC-4

Russ VDW

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Forgive me if this is a silly question as I'm relatively new to a lot of this stuff...


I have a Yamaha P120 stage piano which I've had for a number of years now and used quite a bit. I just started playing for church and they have a Roland FP-4 there.


I'd like to be able to practice at home on the P120 but I'm finding it a bit difficult since the tones/patches/whatever the technical term is are so different.


What I'm wondering is -- is there a way to uniquely identify the tones from the FP-4? My thought was that maybe I could buy a stand-alone sound box (like the Roland SD-50) and pipe the Yamaha's MIDI through that box to get "Roland" patches. The Yamaha controller is still in perfectly good shape and it seems to me this would be a lot cheaper than buying an FP-4 myself... but it only makes sense if I can figure out which voices on the SD-50 "map to" which voices on the FP-4.


Anyway, maybe it's a silly question but I thought I'd throw it out there.


Thanks in advance,


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