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Homemade Open labs on YouTube


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I stumbled across this on my internet ramblings this evening. Not quite sure how it works, but its fairly effective from his demo!


Not bad, I like such projects.


Old synth case, reminds me on Oberheim Matrix 12, w/ new frontpanel ...

2 KORG nano controllers (sliders & pads), touchscreen (and mouse pad to the right,- looks like this in the 2nd vid).

Nano controllers connected to computer motherboard inside via USB.

Keyboard and left-hand controllers connected to a (FATAR ?) scanner board which outputs USB/MIDI. Exists.

Needs a VST host supporting touch screens (multi touch ?) and maybe OSC.

Could be Cockos Reaper ...

I expect it to be a Windows (XP or Win7) computer inside, stock ATX mobo/processor/RAM/PSU.

Would work w/ stock harddrive(s) or SSD(s).

Processor choice is critical because of heights of keyboard case,- not every processor cooler is usable.

Could work w/ a Intel i7 3770K though, using a passive Dynatron proc cooler w/ additional fan blowing air horizontal (not downblower) on that cooler,- the keyboard case is big enough.

I know someone running a i7 3770K quad core @stock speed in a Supermicro 1HU servercase using a totally passive Dynatron cooler and he has excellent temperatures.

He uses a MSI military grade III micro ATX mobo and low profile 1.5V RAM w/o heat spreaders to make it work.


Once you have a keyboard case incl. LH-controllers and keyboard and the new frontpanel is done w/ the cutouts, it´s a relatively easy DIY job, not being harder than building a rackmount computer.




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