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Can 2 audio cards on the same computer....


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...mess things up so bad that the PC keeps locking up?

I picked up a Steinberg UR824 USB audio interface today. My trusty M-Audio Delta66 has been with me for almost 14 years, and I liked all the features on the UR, so I figured an upgrade was in order. Found the unit on Kijiji, nearly new, and installed it this afternoon. The unit sounds great, however the computer CPU keeps spiking at 96-99% and locking up after a few minutes or so. At first I thought it was Cubase, but I tried it with Reason, Acid, and even Windows Media Player, same problem.

I was leaving the Delta hooked up (PCI card) to make sure everything was cool with the UR, but now I'm wondering if I should uninstall the Delta card and drivers.

Any suggestions welcome.



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Not a problem.


My only pet peeve (and why I'm installing WXP on the puter I'm setting up for our band demo recordings next week) about W7 is that it does not like ASIO, and if you use an audio device (like my EMU 1212M, for example) with ASIO drivers on one program and then try to go back to normal WDM drivers with stuff like your browser, suddenly you get no audio at all...

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I'm using a 1212M on this computer with Win 7 Pro (dual-boot - usually 32bit, can boot 64). I run with the Emu drivers that were released for Vista.

Only real problem I've had with losing audio has been when the PatchMix DSP is running at one speed and Windows is running at another. I've got them both set to 44.1 on this machine. If one is at 48 and the other at 44.1 - you get the kind of problems described. I can run Sonar, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, EWQL Pianos Gold (all of which are ASIO), then go to Windows Media Player or just Windows sounds with no problem.


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Griff, the only problem I have with Win7 and ASIO is when I check the box that allows applications to take exclusive control (which is best for lowest latency), I often don't get audio at all in my DAW until I find some application that has the sound driver open (like a browser with a youtube video I'd played) and close it. This is with ASIO4ALL on my builtin; I don't have any such problems with my MOTU (but nothing else ever uses that, and I only use it with ASIO4ALL).


Try unchecking the exclusive box and see if you get better results. If you do, then all you need to do is find all audio apps and close them before checking it to use it exclusively. Just a thought, might not be your issue.

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