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Question For NS2 Users


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Please indulge me, NS2 owners. I know I am risking the collective wrath of the forum community for not researching this myself but, seriously, manuals might as well be written in Portuguese as far as my dumb ass is concerned so .... do I understand correctly that it is possible, for example to execute a split wherein you could assign a lower organ manual to a designated section of the left side of the keyboard, the upper manual to an external controller (NE3?) and maybe piano to the remainder of the right end of the keyboard? If so, this presupposes that you can assign the damper and expression pedals to whatever side of any splits you deem fit, yes? Further, does the patch assign setup in the NS2 also remmeber which pair of outputs you are sending everything to when you call it up? Also, if I recall correctly the split points are assignable but only to certain notes. Can the range of the split then be adjusted up and down as far as the user would like? I'm seriously considering one.


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Nothing more to add, really, except to say that the Nord Piano 2 features a fully customisable split point so there might yet be some hope that NS2 owners might get that ability.

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