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Ambient sound on Korg Monotron input?


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Happy Holidays, all! :D


My folks got me a Korg Monotron today. It's a ton of fun, and the filter sounds killer!


I ran a Nord Electro 3 into the input and played around with it, and while I was quite impressed with the sound, I couldn't help but notice that it made a lot of noise even when I wasn't playing the Nord. When I stopped playing, there would be a frequency coming through the Monotron that I could control with the filter, even if I wasn't touching the ribbon. I suspect this frequency was being created by the cable between the Nord and the Monotron, because it was only present if I plugged something in to the input jack. Is this normal, a sign of a bad cable, or a defective Monotron? :idk

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Analog stuff is finicky. (Monotribe is analog right?).


I have a few analog pedals (moogerfoogers etc.) and find them very noisy, in some, particularly multiple combinations. Grounding and cable switches seem to help at times, but at times they are just incompatible, and instrument/pedal quirks perhaps?

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