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Firewire on iMac playing up...


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I suspect my firewire on the mac is not working (probably never worked from when I bought it) but thought before I take it in I would ask my fellow mac people for advice.


I bought a new mixing desk audio interface which has a FW400 port and my mac has a FW800 port. I have installed the correct drivers, followed the instructions to the letter... even done a complete reinstall of OSX from scratch... and still no luck. It is like nothing is being sensed by the port... it just says Firewire bus 800Mbs in the system profiler...


Is it simply a matter of connecting the two via a 6 to 9 pin cable or are there extra settings to consider?


I have also tried other firewire devices and even another cable and still no luck.


The devices work perfectly on my friends Macbook which is FW400.


Any ideas chaps?



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No extra setting to worry about when moving from 800 to 400. It is not like a Windows computer where you have to worry about the firewire driver being installed correctly. If it is a built in port on your Mac the OS should see it and use it. That would leave a compatibility issue between your firewire audio device and the firewire chip set in the computer. This can be a real issue, but if you have tried other firewire devices and they don't work my guess would be something physical. An issue with the port or a bad chip.

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You might want to try using Growl and HardwareGrowler to see if the iMac "sees" the devices when they are connected or disconnected. There might be other utility programs that will do the same thing for you but you'll have to find those yourself. :)

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