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UK Pianists Gordon Beck and Michael Garrick RIP


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Both died in the last few days. Not international stars perhaps, but both fine pianists, and in Garrick's case in particular a wonderful composer and jazz educator. Beck worked with Holdsworth, Phil Woods, NHOP, Brecker, and a host of others - mainly living in France, where he was more appreciated than in the UK. Beck was notable for incorporating Rhodes and synths in his work, although primarily a pianist. He worked with Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott in the 60s.






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I LOVED Gordon Beck. It has been one of my main influences for a long period, and I have studied some of his improvisations.

He also was one my role models as a musician, with his great musicianship matched to a very humble, matter-of-fact attitude.


I hoped to meet him some day... too late. Shit!


RIP Gordon.



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I was trying to reach for Gordon Beck's great solo album, "Reasons". Then I remembered... I sold all my LPs last summer. :freak:

I'll settle for "Experiments with Pops", a great quartet album with John McLaughlin. Or "With a Heart in my Song", his duo with Allan Holdsworth.

What a great musician he was. Shit, shit, shit.



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Damn. The only Gordon Beck I heard was the duo with Holdsworth, but it is a beautiful record. Will need to dig deeper into his catalog when I get a chance.

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow

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