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Good, Inexpensive Piano Sound Midi Instrument Software


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I use a Casio Privia keyboard, and have been wanting to explore using it as a controller keyboard, with the sounds generated off my laptop. I purchased the Cakewalk Studio Instruments software and found that easy to use- it has Rhodes, Violin, drums and bass sounds only.


I would like to find software which is easy to use like Cakewalk Studio Instruments, with good piano and sythesizer sounds.


Any suggestions for midi software under $100, that is easy to use, with good piano sounds and sythesizer sounds? Also, interested in software over $100, if it comes with a free trial-as I want to be able to test it before buying it..


I may also purchase a controller synthesizer (with whammy bar), and would want to use the software with that.


Thanks for any feedback on this.

Casio Privia PX-300, Yamaha NP-30, Alesis Multimix FX, Rokit 5 KRK Speaker, Alesis I02 Express
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check out the GSI keyPerformer. I think it's really cool.

Also SampleTank.

There are many freeware soft synths as well, some of them are pretty good.

By the way, on keyboards we call them pitch benders, not whammy bars.

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First stop for really inexpensive and very cool plugin instruments is Genuine Soundware "donationware". For one small donation you can download any or all of these, including:


MrRay73 - Rhodes electric piano

MrTramp - Wurlitzer electric piano

ORGANized trio - Hammond organ


Also from Genuine Soundware, for 69 Euros, is VB3, which many feel to be the very best Hammond organ emulation.


With the free sfz soundfont player plugin, you can play any soundfonts you can find. Soundfont is an open format for sampled instruments, and there are a number of good freebies on the net. Unfortunately, there's 99 times more crap, so searching for good ones can be time consuming. Here are some that I use and like, all free:


jRhodes3 Rhodes (these are samples that I made)

Splendid Grand 136MB piano -- nice roomy, woody piano, great for country & acoustic music.


I'm assuming your laptop is Windows. Soundfonts can work on Macs too, but I don't know how. sfz is for Windows only, and needs to be run from a host running in 32-bit mode (WinXP SP2 conmpatibility mode may be required also).


Two piano software products you might be interested in, though a bit higher in price: TruePianos (my favorite), and Pianoteq. IMHO, TruePianos sounds much better right out of the box, but PianoTeq (if you get anything higher than the "player" version) is very tweakable for players who know exactly what they want in terms of tone and dynamic response. Both are in the $180 neighborhood. Both have excellent full-featured demo versions, which expire after 30 days.

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Thanks a lot for the posts on this. My platform is Windows. I downloaded SampleTank this evening, and am using that for now. Something like that is what I needed first - so I can test if my setup - Laptop (Hp/Windows 7) and Privia and Midi Interface - to see if it works well with the sounds. My concern was that the keyboard touch wouldn't line up well with the sounds, so I am looking into that right now.


Casio Privia PX-300, Yamaha NP-30, Alesis Multimix FX, Rokit 5 KRK Speaker, Alesis I02 Express
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When discussing electric cars, the maxim is this:


Electric Cars: Cheap, Fast, Far: pick two.


I think the same goes for sim instruments:


Piano, Inexpensive, Good: pick two.

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