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OT: Conversations in a Music Store

Jason Stanfield

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Overheard in a band horn department today:


Customer: "Do you have any bugles in stock?"

Clerk: "Yeah, right over in this display case."

Customer: "How much?"

Clerk: "Well, it lists for $395, but we've had it a while, so how does $249 sound?"

Customer: "Well, I didn't want to spend that much. I only need it for this afternoon; I have to play 'Taps' at a funeral."

Clerk: "I understand. Wish I could help you out, but this is all we have."

Customer: "No problem. Do you have any kazoos?"




(After the snerk from the employee, the customer explained that the kazoo would be used for some other purpose, not, in fact, to perform "Taps" at a funeral.)

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