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Moog Modular..too good to be true?


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Came across this a few minutes ago. The image looks 3D generated, why not take a pic of the real thing? Helluva deal if it is legit.


I fear this photo doesn´t show what´s advertised.

I know the pic from somewhere and I believe it´s some photo-realistic graphics from a software package.


Anyway, a Moog Modular for $1.500.- in good condition and being exactly what´s on this pic would be a steal unless you start a trip of endless and expensive refurbishing w/ the purchase.


Over a decade ago, I had a offer for a Moog 35 (I think it was a 35) system in 2 cabinets and I could see and touch it, but I passed. The price was 10.000.- DM.

I think, that´s collectors items because there are probably better and more stable modular solutions available from boutique shops and specialists.


Would you really need/ use it ?





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