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Thanks everyone


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Good friends,

I am dpendery, who posted that notice looking for "great sound" several weeks ago. I have already personally thanked Mr. O'Shite, but I want to thank you all for your advice. I finally got my hands on that HBE CPR compressor that was recommended, and as you said it has put a smile on my face. Beefs up the sound beautifully, brings out tone, enriches highs, just very nice. Next up, the EMG SPC tone control. I'm betting that will brighten things up very nicely too. If necessary, I'll top it off with the best chorus I can find (still have not decided on that, the chorus provided on many amps, such as my Roland, does fairly well), and I'll be in business. I still need that larger amp, preferably a tube amp, but that will come.


Thank you all again.

Long live rock.
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