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The Beatles-Rolling Stone Magazine


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There is a great Rolling Stone Special Edition on sale right now about The Beatles albums. It is an album-by-album guide to all their records, the recording sessions, how the songs came about, what they were doing at the time etc etc.


I reckon a lot of it is taken from the recording books on them and other well known books and articles etc, but it is still a good read. A tad expensive at $9.99 but hey, these magazines are climbing steadily in price in general. Check it out if you like The Beatles. Hope this is not spammy by nature.



Talking about spam. I was trying to reply to the Film Composing-Master Class thread but it got deleted before I could.


I just wanted to indicate that the OP, Evan Evans, is a major film composer with tons of big credits. He is also the son of the late, great and legendary jazz pianist and composer, Bill Evans. Not just some putz off the street, you know.


I knew the thread was going to either get deleted or that he would take some intense heat for spamming, because when I saw how he did it....the way he hit every related forum here in one go, like bulk spamming of the entire MP Network almost.......I was like...." Oh no Evan, not like this, not the best way to go about it!!"


I was hoping to preempt that.

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You didn't miss much d.


Even, or maybe Evan someone else, was advertising his new Film Composition instruction website.


I seriously doubt the RS magazine is anywhere near the level of the Chronicle......but I do not even know what that is. Is it a condensed version of the coffee table book?


This is just a magazine but it is great to have. I drew my own conclusions about all the Beatles songs I listened to growing up. Years and years later, it is kinda cool to read some of the real reasons behind the lyrics or how a session for a particular record went down.



I keep my copy in my office.....in a little wicker basket right next to my executive chair.





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Yer prolly aware of Lewisohn's orig Beatles Recording Sessions book, which was the result of his archival dig through the EMI tape vaults.


Later he did a diary-like chronicle of their band-related (& some personal) activities which included performances, PR, & all the misc stuff that occured.


His orig Sessions book has never been reissued.

Later versions combined the 2 books into a single volume.

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Should be an interesting read. Sometimes I think in studio sessions, as when making movies, things happen on the fly that weren't planned but actually make the final product better than planned. It happened with "Casablanca".


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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