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A screw loose. No, really.


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Hey chaps, just a quick question.


I just bought a new 4 string and I love everything about it, it feels great, and it sounds like the devil, which in my case is a good thing. I'm about to use it to record an album, however there is one small problem. The screw that holds the bridge pick-up to the body has come out completely. The hole is bored out, the screw is completely fine. So the bridge pickup is now slanted and has risen so far on one side it is muting the G string. We are due to start recording this week, so sending it the manufacturer is possible, but it might be a month before I get it back. I have another bass, but I would much rather record with my new one. So my question is, can I squirt some Gorilla Glue in the hole, put the screw in, and hold the pick up down until it dries? Would that cause some problems?


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I don't have any direct experience with this situation on a bass, but around the home when a hole becomes "stripped" and no longer holds a screw, I've taken a small piece of paper, rolled it up tightly, inserted it into the hole, and then put the screw back in. Usually works great and I don't see why it wouldn't in this situation, though I imagine the hole on your bass is pretty small.


Might be an option worth exploring if you're at all concerned about working with glue.

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And glad you didn't try gorilla glue. That stuff is incredible, and incredibly strong. But cleanup is easier with wood glue.


In this case, I'd have even just tried putting a paper match stick into the hole--no glue-- since you don't really need to take up much space to have the screw hold.

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