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Marc Bolan, my respect grows

d  halfnote

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When I was a kid a friend was a T Rex fan, before they hit big.

He'd play me some of those twee, gnomes & swans tunes & then later Bolan had those hard rock hits w/the distorted rhythm gtr but this track always stuck in my mind for the gtr & wah work, which is rather like what JJ Cale did later on "Crazy Mama".

No kidding, it's positively Hendrixian.


Root of Star



I always thought it hadda be someone else but I've never been able to find any indication that someone else played gtr on Bolan's work.


Now I found out that he played on some Ike & Tina Turner records from 1973 & 74, specifically Nutbush City Limits; Help Him; Baby Get It On & Sexy Ida.

Marc Bolan on Nutbush City Limits ?! :freak:

But I looked into it &, it's true !


Nutbush City Limits

Sexy Ida

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The only thing I've ever heard from him besides "Bang A Gong:" was "20th Century Boy". I didn't think the guitar work was that great on either tune. But then, besides Mott The Hoople, I was never much into glam.

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I never rated Bolan, myself.

He seemed so mainstream and without depth but that's an interesting part on "Root of Star", though the song and most of the other parts don't reach me.

Is it really him ?

Did he do anything else like that ?


As for "Nut Bush City Limits", which is him, the distorted chords or the wah-wah?

And what's up with that hideous synth/keyboard part ?

Horns are good, though.


BTW, was that an Apple Records or a United Artist release ?!

Look at the label in that clip.

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