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New vsl stuff, GAS comming..


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MIR has been around for several years now, so I'm not sure what is new here. The top link is just an audio sample from their player plug-in. Did I miss an additional link for some new product that's coming up?


MIR is Windows-only, and even at that, is restricted just to Windows 7. They've explained their reasons why, and that this is unlikely to ever change (though I think I remember seeing a recent announcement that they might look into the feasibility of a 64-bit only version that would only run on the latest Macs).


By "difficult to program", are you referring to end user tweaks, or how hard it is for VSL to write the software for MIR? If the latter, I can tell you that it's some of the most challenging audio software written to date.


I really wish MIR was available for the Mac, but as of last night, those of us with the excellent Vienna Suite (my go-to effects plug-in for almost everything), received a free "Hybrid Reverb" to go along with the "Master Reverb", so now we have convo + algo together. Obviously nowhere near the sophistication of MIR, but it's still beyond quite a bit of the competition.

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