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Forgotten guitarists who deserve to be investigated

d  halfnote

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Y'know, d, if ya listen to Lee's work on the '67 studio version of "Woodchopper's Ball" and then to his "Woodstock" version of "Goin' Home"('69 ), you'll notice how in two short years he's slickened his technique. He also came to be a bit more creative. Certainly a largely overlooked player in terms of guitar "heroes"


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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he's one of my all time favs...he can shred in a blues context, and not just hitting chromaticism cuz it's there. pretty much it's all valid musically, which many shredders forget about in their search for speed and flash.


al is da man, and a hell of a nice guy, too.

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Hey, I wouldna been able to look for those tracks I cited if I didn't know somethin' of Mr Lee's work & like parts of it.

As posted, I think he was plenty creative, just not in the way most of his fans do

Some of his slickery reminds me of Johnny Winter's manic approach to slide (which I dig).

Feel free to post substantiation of his skills I've overlooked...that's what this little thread's abt.


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Oh MAN do I deserve a kicking-Akira Takasaki was featured in several GP articles but I had NO idea how good he was. His band Loudness made Killer guitars famous, I happen to have one and it is basically the flagship among my electrics.

Well without further ado-remember this was the 80s:






Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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I hate power ballads like "Wait" but White Lion has a small place in my heart, because late one night in basic training, a few of us were doing some work and were allowed to listen to the radio. "All you Need is Rock and Roll" (no quality video on YouTube, sorry) came on, and we were blown away. We turned up the volume and started rocking out the way only a bunch of kids with a lot of pent-up energy can, and the Drill SGT heard us, and made us knock out push-ups after the song ended. Muscles burning from spending time in the front leaning rest, it was still worth it.


Another less than great band with a ripping guitarist would have to be Extreme . Actually, it's not necessarily that the band is mediocre, just that the songs of the hair metal days generally blended into each other, with only the solos to distinguish them, if the listeners were lucky. Here's some Nuno: Play with Me



I think Extreme could have gone further with a better vocalist-sorry Gary, just sayin...anyway yeah Nuno could definitely play.



I love Nuno, but didn't consider him "forgotten" since he's still on the scene. Vito (from what I've read and heard) doesn't even play anymore (injury I think) which is a shame.


I also love old Extreme... and I happen to like Gary's voice, which may put me in the minority. I was really disappointed when he left to become "Van Halen's Next Singer" because I thought Extreme was doing some really cool stuff (outside of that one disc they released during the grunge era... can't even remember the title).

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Vito Bratta from White Lion.


Vito Bratta almost got me into an accident yesterday.


Ever since you posted this, I've been occasionally listening to "Hair Nation" on the satellite radio in my car in hopes of catching a White Lion song. Finally, while driving to work yesterday, "Wait" came on. But just as the solo started, what appears on the horizon? A tunnel. I know I'll lose radio reception as soon as I get inside.


So I started driving slower. And slower. And slower...



Average band... spectacular guitarist.


Agreed. And a hazard to vehicular traffic!




The "Little Figher" solo is my favorite, I think:




Try to avert your eyes from Mike Tramp's multi-colored wardrobe-malfunction, though. It might burn a hole in your cornea.

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