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Pedals and Stompboxes


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I am greatly embarrased in asking this question because im sure everyone here knows how to do it but.....how do you connect or power more than 1 stompbox or pedal and make them work simultaneously? I have an adaptor I bought that powers my stompoxes so I don't have to use batteries, but I'm having trouble making them work at the same time. I can only power 1 stomp box or pedal at the same time. HELP!! I tried going on youtube and was unsuccessful. meh.
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If you mean supplying battery power to all the pedals some companys make an adapter that daisy chains the pedals to the same supply. I think boss has one as do a few other companys.

Now if you mean turning on multiple effects at once you either need a multi effects pedal that can be programmed or more feet. :)

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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For Boss pedals (of which I am most familiar), the tuner pedal (TU) has two 9V outlets in the back of the pedal. One is clearly marked for 9V in (using the wall wart), the other for a special cable with multiple plugs for 9V out to other pedals.


You don't really want to have more than 5 or 6 hooked up this way.


Alternately, depending on your current wealth, numerous companies manufacture powered pedal boards, such as Gator (which has three 18VDC, 9 9VDC connections and comes in a really nice, rugged case) and Boss.


Go ye to the music store or to SamAshMusic123MusiciansFriendAmericanMusicaSupplyMart and search "powered pedal boards"


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You need a power supply which is capable of running several pedals. It will come with the necessary connecting cables.


There are two brands:

Visual Sound One Spot


Godlyke Powerall


If your powersupply didn't come with the cables, both companies sell the cables separately.


Of course you also need small patch cables to connect the pedals together and you have to connect to the in and out jacks properly.


Actually there are more, but those two are the least expensive and they work fine. I own one of each; one is on my bass pedalboard and one is on my guitar pedalboard.


You do not need a powered pedalboard at this point. You may never need one of those.


And that's all.

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1 Spot - I have one of these and it works well.



DC Brick



I have 2 Gator pedalboards that use their power supply and it has worked very well so far.


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I was hesitant to respond as I wasn't sure I understood the original post, but now that I see I was correct, I will recommend the Voodoo Labs pedal power products as the most flexible and reliable overall.


The Godlyke is probably a close second, so it's more a matter of matching up your needs.


One thing I can say is that customer support at Voodoo Labs is beyond expectations. They follow up quickly with simple questions about compatibility, and do the research to maintain as complete a database as possible of existing pedals and their power, current and polarity needs.


They also make custom connectors as necessary. You send them the info and they quote you a price. It's never high, but it's cheaper to order a few at a time, due to shipping. I'm really surprised they provide this service, as the overhead must exceed their cost at many times.


I can't comment on the Visual Sound product as I don't have a strong memory of whether I have used it or researched it, so my lack of recommendation for it is not meant to be taken as a deprecation of that product.


The T-Rex pedal power units look quite nice but received a few marks on issues in reviews. Even so, they are ranked amongst the top five or so, and in some cases have features the others don't, so are worth a look. They're also smaller. :-)

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