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Has anyone got this guys solo bass album?


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I read about this guy in a bass guitar magazine, apparently he was number #49 most viewed musician/bassist in the world on YouTube! I wonder why -


The preview tracks here - BASS ALBUM - WWW.ANDYSAXTON.COM sound pretty good, not your usual sounding solo bass album.


I like listening to music that is structured differently -other than just 4/4. Hence why I find this music interesting plus he seems to come from a rock/metal background and is able to re-produce this genre (especially the more metal sounding tracks) with very clear and audible bass.


Plus I am a lover of artists who play every instrument themselves, aswell as record and produce themselves.


My PayPal only got like £13 left so.......I need to know has anyone got it?



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Is he on here? that's sweet!


Well I bought the MP3's from his site (MP3's are cheaper) and I am very pleased with the album, it is a lot more varied than I thought. Just wish he would put up some tabs somewhere or an instructial video as his technique is pretty inspirational (but I doubt id be able to play it) ha

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He's great. It reminds me of what was going on in the early 90's. (Stu Hamm especially). I personally prefer music that features bass more in the bass role within the context of a good song as opposed to it being the main instrument. Then again, there aren't many musical situations that allow for such expression. It's very difficult for artists to get heard today. Either you're a part of the bland mainstream or you're on YouTube. There's no artist development within the industry. Best of luck to Andy. He's got talent and skill.

JAZZ UN-STANDARDS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vE4FoJ4Cr4&feature=related


DON'T FEAR...THE REVERB! 60's Instrumentals with MORE BASS!





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